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Currently, these are the endorsements for the Beth Poulos for Judge Campaign. Check back as they are updated regularly. 

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Elected Officials

Sheriff Bill Waybourn

Betsy Price -
former Mayor of Fort Worth

Laura Hill - former Mayor of Southlake
Tom Wilder - Tarrant County District Clerk
Stacey Morse - NRH City Council

Ralph Mendoza -  
Ret. FTW Police Chief
Judge Glen Whitley - Tarrant County Judge

David Cook - State Representative HD 96

Dale Clark- Constable

Derrel Huffman- Constable 

John Cayce - former Justice of Court of Appeals

Clint Burgess- former Constable

David Woodruff- former constable



Chris Nickelson
Toby Goodman
Dewayne Smith
Jill Johnston
Gary Nickelson
Sean Lynch
Cheryl Smith
Vaughn Bailey
Nikki Grote
Spenser Nilsson
Carole Cross
Weir Wilson
Dr. Michael Flynn
Tom Hill
Drew Stasio
David Wynne
Harry B. Harris
Sandra Barbeau
Anita Cutrer
Lori Dally
Mark Lane
Sarah Setzer
Rick Mitchell
Larry Milk
Shelley Cooper
Mark Cochran
Gerry Orth
Andrew Griffin
Brandy Austin
Donna Smeidt
Jennifer Caldwell
Andrew Anderson
Nicole Carroll
Frank Pettigrew
Anna Teller
Don Teller
Brooks Harrington
V. Wayne Ward
Cynthia Mendoza
Charla Moore
Tim Vinson
Jennifer Bales
Justin Sisemore
Phil Phillips
Lori Spearman
Vicki Hafer
Andy Nguyen
Leigh Ann Schenk
Debbit Kimbriel
Craig Michalk
Kimberly Naylor
Lisa Peterchuck
Kevin Schmid
Lisa Hoppes
Dusty Hill
Whitney Vaughn
Ken McAlister
Jordan Parker
Susan Smith
Dee Kelly, Jr

Republican Leaders

Mona Bailey - Tarrant County Republican Party Vice-Chair, Legislative Affairs
Sherri Heinzman - Pct. Chair 2360 Area Leader Dist. 96
Anne Coker - Pct. Chair
Rhonda Taylor - Pct. Chair
Stacy Law - Pct. Chair 
Mark Hanson - Pct. Chair

Cathy Hartman -  Pct. Chair
Donna Korman, Pct 2314
Stephen Eklund - Republican Area Leader HD 94



Trudy Stasio
Donna Mendenhall

Stacey Berger
Kristin Poulos
Lorna Brown
Jori Poland
Lisa Westendorf
Patricia Poulos
Lara Jobe - Realtor
Martha Dent - Realtor
Julie Dean

Gregg Heinzman
Gary Edwards
Dr. Michael Flynn
Kelly Cottam
Karen Eby

Erlene Schauff
Carol Wright
Andy Wright
Cherri Huddleston
Valery Crowe
Thomas Roney
Carolyn and Henry Dollahite
Dave & Mary Kay Canon
David Tatom
Clif Shelton
Karen McWilliams
Mary Crowe
Valerie Crowe
Andy & Carol Wright
Marilyn Dvoracek
Kerry Hembree
Don & Barbara Beene
Warren & Priscilla Snow
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